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Azure Wilson

Question, who in the VI community is smart and witty, has a heart of gold, and is a Queen. Time is up! The answer to who embodies all these wonderful qualities is Azure Wilson. Azure has only been enrolled in the Successful Transitions (ST) program since June 2021, but within this short period of time she has quickly become one of our standout students. Azure stands out because of how engaged she is during the ST sessions, and she also has a high attendance record. Azure sees the value in the Successful Transitions program, and she is putting herself in as many sessions as she can so that she can soak-up as much information as possible to use to help her learn about how she can open as many possibilities as possible to secure herself a bright future.

Currently, the Transition Specialist that works with Azure from Successful Transitions is Elizabeth Rouse. When asked to talk about her experience in working with Azure, Elizabeth offered these words: “Azure is a high-energy optimist with an amazing attitude for learning. She's always ready to take on something new, and you better believe that if she doesn't know the answer to one of my questions, she'll think up something quick that either meets my expectation or makes me laugh."

Personal and School Info

Azure is currently in her senior year of high school. She attends the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCSDB). She says that she is currently a day student and has been a student at SCSDB since she was in the seventh grade. Azure says that she enjoys attending SCSDB because, “Honestly, the atmosphere at SCSDB is a pro because it’s pretty positive due to being around other students that have similar experiences to mine.” Azure is well-liked at her school, which is shown through the fact that she was voted Homecoming Queen for this current school year.

Azure is a beautiful, smart, and personable young woman, so it is no surprised that she was given this honor. When discussing her recent step into royalty, Azure jokingly said, I will banish people who do not support me or my. I want to let people know that I now have power.” But anyone who gets to know Azure knows that making quirky statements like this are a part of her personality.

Azure’s Post-graduation Plans

Azure states that her ultimate career goal is to become an American Sign Language (ASL) teacher. She says that her path to this career will probably start with her attending Spartanburg Community College for two years, then she will transfer to a 4-yr college to complete her Bachelor of Science degree. The two 4-yr colleges that Azure is considering for transfer are either Converse College in SC or Gardner Webb in NC. Whatever direction Azure’s post-secondary education takes her, she will be successful because she is pursuing this career generous intensions. Azure states that she decided to become a ASL teacher because Deaf people have a hard time in society, and she wants to be that person that will make their lives easier.

Successful Transitions Experience

Azure has been enrolled in the ST program for a while now and she has also attended the ST Summer Teen camp during the summer of 2021, and she highly recommends our programs for other visually impaired teens. Azure enthusiastically stated, “At Successful Transitions, it is a tight group communication.” Many on the TS’s staff enjoy having Azure in their sessions. Azure comments that some of her favorite topics that she likes learning are post-secondary education options, self-confidence, and topics that cause you to self-evaluate and go deep within.

Azure's favorite quote

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”

Henry Ford

It was a pleasure interviewing Azure. She continues to flourish with the guidance of her parents, family, and ST. But before wrapping up the interview Azure wanted to extend a word of advice to other visually impaired teens. She states, “There are other parts of you that you should let people know about outside of your disability, and there is more to you then your disability. You should go out there and doing whatever you want to do and do not let others negatively impact you.”


Our services provide advanced real-life training experiences to assist impaired students on their journey to independence. Services include Vocational Rehabilitation training to empower, educate, and encourage students with disabilities by giving them the proper knowledge and education needed to succeed in the workforce and everyday life.

  • Self-Advocacy - we equip students to communicate their needs in an effective manner.
  • Career Readiness - we empower students to prepare for their future careers.
  • Work-Based Learning Opportunities - we enable students to explore careers with job shadows, job tours and internships.
  • College Exploration - we expose students to educational opportunities with college research and visits.
  • Assistive Technology - we instruct students in the use of technology to enhance learning and communication.
  • Orientation and Mobility - we empower students to travel safely and efficiently with enhanced directional, spatial and communication skills.
  • Braille Instruction - we unlock new opportunities with Braille. Less than 10% of all blind Americans know Braille.
  • Mentoring - we encourage students with positive blind role models.

Helping visually impaired students prepare for their careers

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