Application for Services

To apply for services with Successful Transitions, please complete the form below.

By signing this application, I hereby state that all information I have given is true. I also give permission for SUCCESSFUL TRANSITIONS to actively access information to better serve my child. All information kept in his/her file, is the property of the student and the school he/she attends. The SUCCESSFUL TRANSITIONS team understands the importance of privacy*, and all personal, financial, disclosure-related, and IEP/504 information will not be shared with any third parties except for South Carolina Commission for the Blind.

I further grant permission for my child to meet with SUCCESSFUL TRANSITIONS during school hours when appropriate.

I understand that, I/my child must meet the criteria to receive SUCCESSFUL TRANSITIONS services and will not receive or be eligible for a certificate of completion unless the post-test provided is passed with a grade of 70 points or higher.

*CareerBoost and Successful Transitions view all materials pertaining to a student's disability as confidential. This policy is based upon government mandates regarding the confidential treatment of disability-related information. Personal and Disability information may be released only when a student has signed a Release of Information form. A student may request to review the contents of his/her own file when the CareerBOOST Director or assigned Transitions Consultant is present.

Helping visually impaired students prepare for their careers

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